Stella Hoang

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    I’ve always done pretty well in school, but problems at home really affected me. When I was very young, my separated and then it went downhill from there. When I was little, every time I would see my parents fight I would go to school and act up, just to get attention at home.

    One day my decided to move. My mom moved to San Francisco and my dad moved to Hawaii. Then they made me choose who I wanted to be with, so I chose my mom so I could be closer to my family.

    Sometime after that, I found out my dad was in jail and I was heartbroken. It felt like it was all my fault because I thought if I lived with him, he would still be out here with me. The thought of my dad in jail made me feel untouchable. I started cutting school and eventually I dropped out. I did stupid stuff that I regret now.

    One day I decided to turn my life around and go back to school. I called every school, but no one would accept me. Surprisingly, opened their doors for me and helped me succeed.
    Honestly thanks to EOYDC, I see life differently now. They helped me get my and helped me apply for too. I am very grateful for their help.

    Stella Hoang
    2010 Graduate

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