Shaheed Ali

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    Dear Ms. Regina Jackson,

    My name is and I am a recent graduate of Castlemont High School, class of 2005. During my years at Castlemont I was involved in numerous activities including: Muslim Club, Together, which dealt with issues in today’s society, and last but not least the Team. I played basketball two out of four years in high school due to an injury to my elbow. This year we (the basketball team) had a good year. We finished 7-3 in the O.A.L.( athletic league) and made it to the Nor-cal playoffs. We ended up finishing third in state, which is still good in my book.

    After the season I applied to four colleges and got accepted to three; Sacramento State, Dominguez Hills and San State University. I decided that I will continue to further my education at San Jose State University and major in computer engineering, with a goal of managing my own business.

    I would just like to thank you and the scholarship committee for granting me $500.00 toward my college education. I will use these funds to pay for books and other school supplies that I will need for my first semester at San State University.

    Thanks again for the scholarship funds, are greatly appreciated.


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