Rodney Greer

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  • Dates: Rodney Greer
  • Time: 2011 GED Graduate

I never graduated high school because I’ve attended over five different high schools. Through most of high school I was on the right path. I was involved in and maintained a 2.7 grade point average. Everything changed when my mother sent me to live with my father in Oakland, CA. It was a dramatic change from southern California’s San Andreas region. I went to Fremont High; I don’t need to say much but if you attended a school in Oakland, you know what to expect.

As I got used to my new surroundings, I slowly went down the wrong path. I started ditching class, flirting with girls when I went to class, and I started smoking. As high school went by I was doing so much that I was supposed to, and put myself way behind. I had to go get my so I went to East Center.

has helped me get the I need to succeed and take care of my family(I am a new father). I’m glad I have the support from my excellent teacher, Ms. Anana and I hope is as great as EOYDC.

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