Rene Rivas

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  • Dates: Rene Rivas
  • Time: 2011 GED Graduate

The reason I did not finish high school were because one, I got expelled for fighting, but before that I had made signed a contract that I would follow school policies and show good behavior. I had been bad before that’s why I had to sign a contract. After that, I really did want to go back to high school, but I got two big -flashes. One was I couldn’t go back until I went to school where expelled go, and the other big was that I was going to be a dad.

Ever since then I had been trying to go back to finish school so I could then, find a to provide for my son. That’s when my friend Gonzalo told me about EOYDC. He had told me about this before and I finally decided to apply for the program. The only problem was I had to wait 2 months because they had a waiting list. I found out later It was worth the wait.

Since I started coming to the class, Ms. Anana has always tried to help me and keep in school so I can do better for my upcoming test. Ms. Anana also tells me about different problems that will help me, for example the program. I was glad she had signed me up for it. The only problem was that I was having too many personal problems and that’s when I started getting a little off track.

To me, Ms. Anana, is one of the best teachers I’ve had and I would hate if she left because she really helps a lot of the and she is a member of as a teacher. She has inspired me to do my best at my work and stay in school.

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