Onofre Avalos

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    I was always bad in school, since 6th grade. I skipped most of my classes, and when I did go to a class I just fell asleep. I continued in this level all the way to high school. I flunked 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th grade because I never did anything. The only reason that the school kept on passing me is because of my age.

    I was 17 in the 9th grade. I figured if I keep this routine, I will end up in the worst situations. So instead of repeating the 9th, I decided to go to adult school. I figured I would try harder here because I’m coming in of my own free will. I started attending classes at EOYDC.

    This gave me an opportunity to give it another shot with a fresh start, just what I needed. I learned more in the short time I was there than all those years in middle and high school. I really appreciate the help that Ms. Anana and this whole program gave me. I also enjoyed being here. I have trouble waking up early in the morning, so having the afternoon class really made a difference

    Thank you; now I can start my dream.

    Onofre Avalos
    2010 Graduate

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