Olivia Dawkins

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    Dear Mrs. Regina

    Being an employee and tutor here at Oakland Center I’ve learned a lot like discipline, patience, and correct English. I’ve also learned responsibility here and responsibility plays a big role in my life, so as far as being a worker here at Oakland Development Center, I have been learning things day by day and step by step, and being a employee here has made me be a better person in so many ways.

    I think in the field of working as a tutor I have been doing very well like helping the children with multiple tasks like homework, one on one help, conflicts, problems, and issues that concerns them. I know I can be the one that can motivate them, with good and better reasons and ways to work around their problems.  This is also something that I am learning, and this is a big step to me sharing what I am getting taught and that is why I consider myself a leader and role model towards them and to me that plays a good part in my life, This can take me long ways in life as being a leader and role model to people, especially to the adorable children at East Oakland Center.

    What I have learned being here is that everyone makes mistakes and no one is perfect and that sets a good example towards the kids. On behalf of making mistakes and not being perfect I think I need to work on having more patience with the kids because we all know that kids can frustrate you at times. I can not let them see that they are frustrating me so what I have learned is that in order to better my mistake I need patience and patience is what I have been learning daily here at East Oakland Center. I think that this is the main problem that I am having here but as days goes by my skills get better daily as long as I work on it .In order to make them better I need to do things step by step to make it better and that is what I am doing to not only better myself but to better my career and future In life.

    In conclusion, I really enjoy working here as a tutor I have learned many things here from the children, staff, and friends here at East Oakland Center. The things I have learned I am willing to take with me a long way because as long as I do things to better me and my career I am able to make it perfect as long as I try and that is what I am doing today. For the most part I would like to thank Mrs. Regina for the help of hiring me. And also thanks for the help of showing me different things to view as far as people places and things. And lastly thanks for helping me with my grammar. So what I not only want to thank Mrs. Regina but thank you to everyone here at East Oakland Development Center.



    Web note: Ms. Dawkins, a junior at Fremont High School, currently maintains a 3.8 GPA.

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