Maritza Cruz

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    Many in my life led me to drop out of school. For example, I had a lot of bad influences that made me get into bad habits. I also had a lot of problems at home that caused me to move out and get pregnant. However, helped me finish what I had already started.

    Bad influences are what made everything start to go downhill for me. It started from talking back to teachers to getting kicked out of class. In time, I started to skip school and cut classes. This all led to getting into the drug world.

    Influences weren’t the only thing that made me get out of school. Aside from bad influences, problems at home had me struggle in school. They also had me think hard about either finishing school or getting a job. The first thing on my mind was getting out of my house.

    Eventually, I slowly moved out of my house. I would go to school half of the week and the rest of the week I would stay out with friends. I ended up getting pregnant and moved out of my house. Because of the doctor appointments and being away from home, I rarely went to school and eventually, I dropped out.

    I moved out of and spent about a year and a half with going to school. By the time I realized it, it was too late to go back to school. I was ready to give up until I found out about EOYDC. They helped me finish school and get my GED. The class was small and only lasted a couple of hours. There was also good teacher and student communication.

    In conclusion, I had a lot of struggles throughout my life. Thanks to EOYDC, I had a second chance to get my life back together.

    Maritza Cruz
    2010 Grad

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