Mario Echeverria

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  • Dates: Mario Echeverria
  • Time: GED Graduate, 2011

The reason why I believe I didn’t graduate high school was because I didn’t have a reason to graduate. At first, I would go to the classes but I would not do my homework. I also had not completed my senior project. After I realized I should have graduated, I had a desire to get my high school diploma. It was too late to repeat another year at my high school therefore I decided to enroll in the GED at EOYDC.

The was a real help for me because it helped me get the individual help I needed that the other school didn’t offer me. At the center, I could do the work and practice on things I might be asked to do when I take the test. The classes are shorter; therefore it made me concentrate more than I did at my other school. Also, the school is much closer to my house.

With this certificate, I can have the opportunity to have my dream of going to and studying the culinary arts. I have a passion for and want to study it more consistently. Because of the GED at EOYDC, I will be able to pursue that dream.

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