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    My relationship with first started when I was a freshman in high school at Holy Names. The connection I would have with them from henceforth would be because of the I have for the Center. Prior to attending and Field practices and events, I knew placed a great amount of dignity into everything they did. From the minute I walked into the building there was its history and vision for the depicted all over the walls. From after school programs to the Winter Lobster Fest, every action had a great cause.

    For me every Monday and Friday at 4pm was that time, (if not at any other time in the day) to focus. The and Field program was an intense and serious atmosphere. Although at times we did have our fun watching film from practice and laughing about the latest news. Reflecting on my experience, every successful athlete left with three attributes to his or her credit, among many others. They had a great sense of respect, determination, and gratefulness. Ms. emphasized my respect. Never was it okay for her to leave a room without giving her a hug. Or never was it ok to not say, “Please and Thank you”.

    As for gratefulness, Coach Curtis had so many philosophies on how and what a great athlete should think/be like;his list was endless. Let’s just say that it wasn’t just about showing your face at practice; it was about showing the 100% inside you. He would always say, “If you feel like 80% today then give me that 100% of the 80% you’re feeling.” Basically everything was about putting your forth full effort and having achievable goals in life.

    As for determination, there’s never a passing doubt in my mind that tells me I can’t do something. Giving nothing but full effort is my only choice. With and Field at EOYDC, the skills I have learned from there have been beneficial to my daily life. I find myself going over and beyond to respect those around me.

    Many times issues could have prevented me from performing well at practice but with the help of others, it didn’t happen. The environment of all my coaches and teammates made it feel possible to still achieve what I wanted. Every time I hear, “EOYDC”, nothing but memories and pleasant thoughts come to mind. It was definitely a pleasant and fortunate experience. After anyone completes the program, there is a feeling of completeness. There is a feeling of preparedness for the world. God Bless EOYDC.

     Lollie is a member of the UC Berkeley Team

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