Jenny Razo

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    I didn’t finish high school because during my sophomore year, my mom became very depressed and she needed someone to look after her at all times. During the time I was looking after her. I began hanging out with the wrong crowd. I soon got pregnant and school wasn’t important to me anymore.

    I then tried to get a job, but no one wanted to hire a teenager with no diploma. I pretty much thought my life was over. I never imagined I would ever get my GED and go to college; that was until I heard about the Development Center (EOYDC).

    The staff at made me feel very comfortable. They were very understanding of my situation and even allowed me to bring my son with me to class. My teacher prepared me for the GED test and EOYDC even paid for me to take it. EOYDC is an amazing place and more should know about because many people are in the same situation. I didn’t know where to turn and it’s hard, especially for people with kids.

    I just want to say “thank you” to the staff of EOYDC.

    Jenny Razo-GED Graduate 2006

    After graduation, Jenny enrolled as a criminal justice major at Chabot College. She plans to become a correctional officer.

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