Javon “Von” Barr

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    When I first came to the E.O.Y.D.C., it was in the early nineties.  I hate to say this, but I was a bad influence on the I used to hang with.  I know that it’s true because I was the oldest, so whatever I said, they did it.  Until I met Sister Linda, the West African Dance instructor, my life was headed in the wrong direction.  Sister Linda and the help from everyone at the E.O.Y.D.C. changed my life forever.  The reason I say that is because she took the time out to really get to know me, and introduced me to a I love: West African.  E.O.Y.D.C. was put in the middle of for a reason, to give a helping hand when needed.  It also gave me my first job.  It feels good when I step into The Center, and everyone gives me my respect and being respected is a really good feeling.

    Don’t take my word for it, just come to the Oakland Development Center and find out for yourself.

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