Javarte Bobino

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    I, Javarte Bobino am 20 years old. I attend Xavier University of Louisiana. I am majoring in Public Relation & Marketing. I attended Oakland High School where I played football for three years. I am also an alumna of the Mills College Upward Bound program.

    I came to the in 1998 as a part of the Project J.O.Y. (Job Opportunities for Youth) program. Project gave me the opportunity to think outside of the box and outside of my community that I lived in. Before Project J.O.Y. I never thought twice about my ability to market myself to employers in an effective manner. After Project J.O.Y. I had job seeking skills, such as how to write a resume, knowing the right attire to wear, interviewing skills and knowing the best way to follow up with employers.

    Through Project I was able to receive a job in the Physical Department of EOYDC. The job was my first job and I went through my first job interview ever with Regina Jackson. I thank her for being firm but fair throughout our interview and for being there for me afterward to let me know that I did not have to be so nervous, be confident. I also worked as the 10 and under boys’ coach while at EOYDC. Being able to coach gave me a sense of responsibility that I never had before. For the first time, I had to make sure that the team had everything they needed to be successful. If I was not on task or on the ball, the team was not either. Up until then, I never knew how much I could affect the lives of others.
    If it was not for EOYDC I would not be the man that I am today.

    Update: Javarte lived through Hurricane Katrina. He was unharmed, got to Baton Rouge was without electricity and water for several days. He was taken in by UC Berkeley for a semester. He wanted to finish at Xavier so he reapplied in January of 2006. He graduated for Xavier in August of 2006 with a degree in Public Relations & Marketing. He is currently attending Mills College pursuing a masters degree in Marriage and Therapy and Educational Psychology. He intends to come back to the community and serve the emotional, psychological and educational needs of the community. Javarte also works for the Mills College Educational and Talent Search Program.

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