Jasmine Rivas

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    My during my senior year of high school in 2004 I was unable to receive all my credits to graduate. I did have an opportunity to go to school, but I didn’t go because I felt kind of dumb because all my friends had graduated already. Shortly after that I got pregnant with my son and didn’t have a chance to go back. After my son was born I did go back to high school in Bogalusa, Louisiana but I did not complete it again because I moved before school was over. When I moved back to Oakland, I did begin going to an adult school, but I had to start working to support my son, so again I dropped out.

    Two years later, I moved back to Louisiana and became pregnant with my daughter. I moved back again to while I was pregnant and went back to adult school. Everything was going well until my ex-boyfriend showed up stalking me again. I was unable to go anywhere by myself, so I had to drop school again.

    I found out about EOYDC, which is just up the street from my house and they offered classes. I decided to do it and I am so glad I did. All these years I thought I was way behind and when I came to I was given an assessment test. The teacher said I’d be ready to take the in about a month and I was so excited that I was ready to get down to business.

    gave me instructions on what I needed to apply for and receive scholarships. They helped me get prepared for the and gave me a boost to get what I needed to support and be an example for my kids.

    2010 Graduate

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