Izelle Carraway

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    I did not finish high school because I stopped being focused and I didn’t have a goal to graduate. I mean, I wanted to graduate, but I never made graduating one of my goals, so it was like I was going to school just to be going. Plus I started hanging around the wrong or people who didn’t really have any real goals in life. I got side tracked into the streets. More and more I was hanging out in the streets, less and less I was going to school.

    Oakland Development Center has helped me out a lot. This (GED) showed me how to stay more focused and it has helped me to receive my certificate. Also, they have helped me find a and learn how to present myself in the right way when looking for a job.

    I thank because without them, I probably wouldn’t have my and I probably wouldn’t have a right now.

    Izelle Carraway
    2008 Graduate

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