Gloria Robinson

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    My experience at The East Development Center is a charitable moment I will never forget. The Center has helped me become devoted to helping today’s youth. The E.O.Y.D.C brings great opportunities to our community. I first started as an intern in the Cultural Enrichment program, when I was fourteen. In 2004, I was hired as a Youth Leader. I primarily worked with the children in the eight and nine year old group.

    Before I started I had to complete a three day training that gave me a clearer understanding of what I was going to be doing. The training helped me learn how to make a difference in the child’s life and how to be a great role model. After the training I was surprised by all of the work that I would be doing. I thought that I would have to just watch over the children all day, but it was not like that at all. Even though it was a lot of hard work I truly enjoyed not only supervising the children, but being active and participating in all of the activities.

    One of my favorite memories that I will never forget was when came to visit. It was wonderful experience. Working at the E.O.Y.D.C has made me into the leader and role model that I am today. So I thank you so much E.O.Y.D.C.

    Gloria Robinson

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