Eudora Montez

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    I am 18 and I studied for my GED at EOYDC and I successfully passed. I dropped out of school around August of September of 2004. I dropped out because I was really not focused, I was unhappy, and I missed a lot of days. One of my best friends’ death had a lot to do with it also. I didn’t feel motivated to continue high school so I decided to drop out.

    I began to take GED preparation classes at EOYDC with Ms. Anana. After a short while of studying and preparing to take the exam, I finally took it. I felt more than confident while taking the test, and I couldn’t wait for my scores to come. At last I received my High School Equivalency Certificate in the mail. I was overjoyed and immediately called Ms. Anana to tell her the good news. Now that I have my GED, I plan to take college classes to be a nurse. I am extremely grateful and thankful for all the help I got. I especially thank Ms. Anana for everything she has done and most of all, for believing in me

    Eudora Montez, GED Gradutate-2005

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