Emanuel Orozco

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    I didn’t graduate from high school for many reasons, the first one was I wasn’t responsible for waking up early to go to school. I also didn’t do my homework, study to do well on tests or even attend class regularly. I didn’t bother doing the lessons in maybe four out of my six classes. I just went to school to be around friends all day each period. If I had attended the classes more, things would have been different because when I did do the work, I did pretty well on them.

    Oakland Center has made me feel comfortable doing the work in their environment. It has pushed me to try my best; my teacher always told me I can do it. This has made me receive my and it means a lot to me. They taught me how to read and write better. My skills have also improved. Without EOYDC, I would most likely be out in the streets like most of these young adults. They have changed the way I am and the way I think; now I’m thinking like an adult.

    Emanuel Orozco
    2009 Graduate

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