D’Lonika Jenkins

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    To Ms. and the Committee:

    I would like to thank you and the Committee for your generous donation to my education. Everything that you have given me has been more than a blessing. I always knew that I was going to college in order to better myself, I just never thought about the cost.

    When I was about five years old, I told my mother that I was going to be a lawyer. When I turned six, I told her that I was going to attend Harvard University in order to obtain my degree. While it continues to be my desire to obtain a law degree, my choice of schools has changed, instead of Harvard Law School, I am now considering the Yale Law School program.

    With all my dreams of a education, I never doubted my ambitions. However, at the same time, I never thought about the cost my ambition would bring with it. When it was time to start paying for my at California State University Stanislaus, stepped in and carried a part of the initial financial load, and now they have come back and helped me carry a load almost half its original size.

    The cost for attending California State University, Stanislaus will be raised in the fall, and thanks to your organization’s help, I will be better equipped to deal with the financial issues associated with my second year at C.S.U.S.

    Thank you and the Committee for giving me the opportunity to pursue my education. My mother has always told me to pass my blessings on and because of your generosity; I will be able to do so.

    Thank you,

    D’Lonika Jenkins

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