Djuan Rogers

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    is the day I look forward to. I’ve waited so long to graduate, yet I remember elementary school like it was yesterday.

    In elementary school, I would play in class and be a distraction. I would get so distracted that I would not do my work. I let this situation get worse to the point public schools decided they had enough of me. I had been kicked out of school several times because of my behavior and lack of effort. After that I was getting home schooled, and that didn’t work out.

    When I first heard about Oakland Center, I was skeptical because I didn’t like school. When I was introduced to the GED program, I was greeted by the most inspiring, encouraging, supportive sisters ever!. From seeing how the staff members were so caring, the environment was like no other. I wanted to be a part of the movement! It was a time when kids my age would come to a fork in the road.

    It was time for me to choose what I wanted out of life. My friends and I decided we wanted to realize our dreams and see what life had to offer to those who are positive. To realize your dreams, you must put your all into it.

    has changed my whole frame of mind. They invited me to a place where smart is cool, where everything is really different. They gave me support and encouragement when good things happened, which really has made a huge impact on my performance.

    I would recommend to any having trouble maturing and going to school. They open the doors for inspiring people. They can’t sell you a dream, but their inspiration is free because their work here is never finished.

    Djuan Rogers
    March, 2009 Graduate

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