De’moirrea Frazier

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  • Dates: De’moirrea Frazier
  • Time: 2011 GED Graduate

There are many reasons why I dropped out of high school. The main reason was because I didn’t have money for all the necessary things I needed for school. I didn’t have enough money for food at lunch time, I didn’t have enough bus fare every day, and I didn’t have money to wash clothes each week. Because of this, I missed a lot of school. My mother just didn’t have enough to provide me and my siblings with all of what we needed, but she still kept a roof over our head.

helped me in two or more ways for the . It helped me to prepare for the , it paid half of the cost to take the test and they also provided transportation to and from testing. They also helped me look for a through their program. They taught me how to speak, present myself, dress and apply for .

Out of all the people, Ms. Anana the GED instructor helped me to see my future. She said even though I was too old to get into the Gateway to program at Laney, I could still attend there to be in their culinary program. She also helped me get better in my skills.

Now because of EOYDC and the people that work there, I have a clearer vision of my future.

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