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    It’s amazing when I think back on my experiences at EOYDC. I feel that the “Center,” as it is nicknamed, has always been a part of my life. I first walked through its doors at the age of 6. My mother was serving on the Board of Directors, and I was enrolled in the Martial Class. Even though I didn’t stay long enough in the class to earn a black belt that was only the beginning of my involvement with EOYDC. Throughout the years, I can honestly say that I have been involved in every program that the “Center” had to offer. I dabbled in everything from the Culinary Arts, to West African Dance, to the Fine Arts, Steel-Pan Lessons, and much more.

    is also the home of my first “real” job. After years of as an after school tutor, I worked in the annual Cultural Enrichment Program as a Leader, and eventually Assistant Director. Those are probably the most meaningful that I ever had because they helped build a lot of the character that I have today. I learned how to be patient, dependable, motivating, and always striving to better my community.

    When I come home during the summers, I try to stop by the “Center” any chance I get. It makes me really proud each time I do, because it seems as if so much progress is made each year. I must say that has come a long way since my karate class days.

    When I speak to others about childhood memories, I can’t go without mentioning EOYDC. The “Center” and family has had a significant impact on who I am today, and who I will be in the future.

    I am currently a Junior at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. I’m an animation major, and design/multimedia minor. Although my career plans haven’t been solidified, I am looking to get into the creative aspect of advertising.

    Dania J. Wright, Class of 2006

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