Coretta Howard

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    My name is Coretta Yvette Howard and I am a manager at Walgreens Drug Store. When I came from New Orleans to California I was new to Oakland. Ms. made me feel at home and from that day forward she has treated me as if I was her family. If I am wrong about something or if I am not doing something right, she will correct me and show me the right way to do it. She has taught me so much and I am so grateful for having a mentor and dear friend. I am now able to stand on my own two feet and handle anything that comes my way.

    The has given me a chance to further my educational goals and open doors for me that I did not know could be opened. I have been able to grow as a person with the help of the staff at the center. Everyone is eager to help you and always has a pleasant word and a smile. The center has been my backbone by helping me raise my three daughters and giving me the tools for going to school.

    I always would talk about going back to school and never would make an effort to go back until my daughter drove me up to Merritt and opened the door for me. Since then I have fallen in with being back at school. It has helped me to expand my knowledge and skills. Mr. Dwight goes beyond his call of duty by helping me with my computer lab and reports. Sister Jackie always finds time out of her busy schedule to help me find information for my reports. Ms.Anana always has a shoulder for me to lean on and her words of encouragement help me through my process of going back to school. has helped me build my character and made me a stronger person.

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