Cedia Conner

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    The reason I didn’t finish high school is because I had a baby at an early age and a hard time with a steady babysitter. I attended until the 11th grade in the C-tap program, and I found it hard to maintain a new baby and good grades. Being so young, I felt that it was a waste of time, not knowing that I would one day need education to further my career. Knowing what I do now, I would have stayed in school to finish instead of trying to be grown.

    What I got from the EOYDC program was a fresh start and a new beginning. With this GED certificate, I can attend school for nursing with no limitations because if you don’t have a high school diploma or GED, you can’t do all the material required.

    I would like to thank my teacher Ms. Anana Scott for all the help and motivation, keeping me focused, reminding me that it’s up to me to succeed in this program and that I will pass because there is no such thing as I can’t . I would really like to encourage others who didn’t get to finish school that this is a great program that will help you succeed if you’re serious about it.

    I would like to let anyone interested in the GED program that even though it’s in the hood, it is the best that I have attended, especially if you need one-on-one assistance. The teacher is there for you (even if she is at home!). If you’re giving yourself a chance, she is willing to help you.
    Thank You, Sister Scott

    Cedia Conner
    2009 Graduate

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