Catherine Depooter

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    Growing up, I have had a hard childhood. There were many things that I needed that were not given to me, which led me down a different path in life.

    One major reason I feel that got in the way of me graduating would be my problems. I would always argue with my uncles and sometimes my mother. My stepfather never liked me either. One day he kicked me out of the house and I was only nine. He used to hit me and no one would stop him. I was sent to a foster home until he was removed from the house.

    I grew very distant from my and closer to my friends. I ran away to the only I felt loved me. I was happier, but I had no food to feed myself so I got a that paid me under the table. I thought it was better than going to school because I was making money. I later started realizing as the years went by, that my friends that were my age were making three times more money than I was, so I wanted to go back to school.

    has helped me so much because I need my to pursue my dream of becoming a registered nurse. Ms. Anana was such an encouraging person that made me feel like I can accomplish anything. After completing this GED program, I am so glad that I can prove all the wrong that thought and said to me that I would never amount to anything.

    Thank you, Ms.Anana and EOYDC!

    Catherine Depooter
    2009 Graduate

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