Candace Harris

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    My experience at began with my first year as a leader in 2002. Since then it has been most enjoyable and inspiring. From classes like to Science, this center has enriched me in exceptional leadership skills and provided a variety of beneficial aspects required to become successful in today’s society. Participating in S.C.E.P. has enhanced my ability to teach, cultivate, and understand today’s youth. From my Alta Mater, Spelman College, I have used skills developed at the center and became president for the Physics Club and a member of the Sigma Pi Sigma Physics Honors Society. The most valuable contributions of this program are the lifetime mentors. The mentors at the center are professional and devoted to inspiring all ages of adolescence.

    I have obtained a Bachelor’s of in Physics, and am currently pursuing a Ph.D.
    in nuclear physics at University of Massachusetts Amherst. I want to become a pioneer in exploring new opportunities for black in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics where we are most underrepresented.

    I hope to inspire to pursue their dreams by thinking strategically and purposefully. Providing a spectrum of light to illuminate our youth with possibilities of social diversity is the beginning of getting them closer to their dreams. I want our youth to know that our paths in life are meaningful. We must encourage our youth to reach for the sky and give them daily guidance while driving towards the infinite together.

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