Brittany L. Jones

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    The East Oakland Center has been a great part of my past and will always be a part of my future. The Center provided me with a place that I could come to and not have to worry about violence or drama.

    I came to the Center in the of 2004. I wanted to be a youth leader because I loved working with children. That summer I got the and I was able to learn a lot of things, that helped me get where I am today. I learned to have patience and to let things come to me instead of being so anxious. I also learned a lot of reading and writing skills which helped me a lot in school. I graduated in January of this year and I am now enrolled in Merritt College. I am planning on becoming a registered nurse.

    I the East Oakland Center and will continue to use the services it provides for today’s youth.

    Brittany L. Jones, Class of 2006- Corps San Francisco

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