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    The BCM trip was a life changing experience. It drew me closer to my peers to create a bond that can’t be broken. It gave me a better outlook on nature, and showed me how important it is to us. Our leaders were very positive, and inspired the whole way through. We had three leaders: Josh, Mark, Laddie, and Meer cat. They all offered many different opportunities for us. This trip showed me a lot and helped me see life in great gratitude and appreciation for what I am blessed with daily.

    The first day of the trip, was very good, at first, lol. When we arrived at Yosemite park, I was very excited to see what the of the trip held. As soon as we got there, we unloaded, and talked about what we were going to be doing for the trip. We all conversated eagerly waiting to see what was the big talk about BCM. We played phase 10, which was like our MTV, BET, Play stations, phones, and any other pastimes we were used to doing. We set up our tents a little later, and ate dinner. We talked a little more, and went to sleep. The next morning, we awoke eager to see what the leaders had in mind for us. They decided we would go on a “little” day hike up to Ten Lakes. On our way, we talked about how tough we were and how much better we were than the other groups. Soon, all that conversation stopped when we started hitting the stairs. There were so many stairs; it felt like I was training for a big or something. I was literally sweating bullets. I thought to myself don’t complain, because I would’ve gotten talked about. I also thought that if this was the first day, not even having my pack on, what in the world was I getting myself into. As the trip went on, we progressed and progressed until we reached the top. All I could think about was the next day. As we headed back down the stairs we then started conversation again, knowing the days work was over with. The next day came quickly, and we were prepared to leave the grounds to embark upon our journey. As we began to leave, I had managed to have a 42 pound bag to carry with me along the way.

    As the trip went on, we all began to develop a closer friendship. We experienced qualities that some of never acquired before the trip. I developed team work, respect for each other, and I developed skills that I don’t think I ever would have learned. Through this trip, I met a guy named Bruce. Bruce was a very down to earth person, and was really into nature. We developed a great friendship over this trip, and became real close. I liked him because he wasn’t focused on the outer appearance, but rather what was inside. LOL. He was a huge factor in the success of this trip. As days went on we hiked a lot. The first three days weren’t bad at all. We hiked like it was natural to us. The fourth day was very crucial. We had lots of switchbacks to cover and a lot of steep areas. This may have been the hardest day out of the trip. I am so glad our group was solid. We talked and discussed many different things to keep the thought of the journey off of our minds. With the support and perseverance of the whole team we made it through all the switchbacks. The fifth day came and it seemed as if everyone wanted to be with Bruce. So, we all conversated with Bruce, and hit the road again. We went through this day with ease and were eager to go home. That evening we ran into some snow. That must have been the second best day of the trip. We all had ice cold water and Gatorade. We later were separated to write a little bit about the trip. It was kind of like a memorable moment that we all had. After these days I kind of missed the long trip. It was hard but at the same time very fun. In the trip we climbed Ptolemy peak. We reached an altitude of 10,800 feet, a record for the BCM trips. We had lots of fun and took pictures and headed to our last campsite for the trip. When we got there we were so happy that we set record for the trip. That night, we played mafia. I never won because everyone wanted me dead for some reason. We had a lot of fun that night though, and couldn’t wait until the morning time. In the morning, we packed up ASAP. We left that site and got back to the car in about 30 minutes. We took a dip in the lake and had lots of fun that day. As the trip came to an end, we stayed a nice little house place. We went swimming, played Marco polo, and football in the pool. Later, we had barbeque, and this was the best day of the trip. We ate together and conversated.

    As this trip ended, I had a better outlook on life. I was taught not to take anything for granted, and appreciate every thing that I have. I learned to respect other just as I would want respect. I learned to always lead ad never follow. I learned to follow instructions more vividly then I usually do. This trip taught me a lot, and it is something I would never forget. it is a life changing experience and I recommend it to any one who needs to learn to appreciate the things they have. I am very glad I went on this trip.

    Rodney Horne 
    BCM Trip

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