Mekaela Clark

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    When I heard I was going to be going on BCM I immediately started asking everyone that had gone on the previous BCM trips what it was like. I heard disgusting and challenging stories that made me want to tell Ms. that I might go another year, but I knew that I had made a commitment and I had to stick to it. Most of the time on the way to Yosemite, I wondered if my experience would be like the experiences of the others I had asked. When we got there, our trip leaders tried to constantly point to all the beautiful sites and mountains that Yosemite had to offer, but I all I wondered was if we were going to have to climb them. Once we settled in at the school and discussed what we were worried about I realized that I actually didn’t have as many fears or problems as the other girls did. I was constantly thinking about me and my problems, but not realizing that my problems were miniature compared to some of the others. Once we got hiking on Wednesday, I was tired and wanted to take break after break and I was beginning to get an attitude with the adults. I felt as if they were lying to about how long we had  to walk or how much father we had to go, so they decided not to tell us anything anymore. That didn’t stop us because if we saw other on the path, we asked people how much farther and if they had come from where we were going. Fortunately, most of the time we didn’t really concentrate on the pain because Ms. kept occupied with her amazing stories of her life. Listening to her stories I would almost forget where we were going and almost be to the top of the mountain!

    Some of the things I learned about myself on this trip was that I am a very caring person and always make sure that the around me are okay and I make sure that they are enjoying themselves almost as much as I am. I also realized that all those times during P.E. when I thought that I couldn’t go any further, I actually could. BCM pushed me to make sure I went up those mountains and because they did I found inner strength that I didn’t realize that I had before. I thank Ms. for choosing me to go on BCM and I thank everyone that helped support and make it possible for me to go.


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