Jailyn Anderson

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    When I thought about BCM, my first thought was mountain climbing or rock climbing. I also thought that BCM was not going to be much fun. In reality BCM was better than I thought. You have a chance to face your fears, you will begin to appreciate your luxuries at home and most importantly you will have a good time.

    When I state you will face your fears, I mean that you do things you never imagined. For me, facing my fears was going to the top of the mountain summit. I wanted to stay at my comfort zone which was 9,640 feet. I am thankful that Ms. was there to give me the extra push I needed. Who know I could ever reach 10,000 feet with my fear of heights.

    When you’re out in the mountains you get no electrical service. That means no cell phone, no computer and no television. You begin to miss things that you thought you’ll never miss. For example when your back hurts from carrying your bear canister all day you will began to miss the feeling of putting food away in a cabinet or refrigerator. You will even start to miss your bed at home while you are sleeping on the hard ground at night.

    Even though you do not have any electricity you could still have a lot of fun. I loved listening to the different stories were telling. I also enjoyed the different games we played. My favorite one was when you’re a doctor and you have to figure out what’s wrong with your patients. I laughed the whole time. I think everyone enjoyed that game.

    In conclusion, my BCM experience was unlike what I thought it would be. I face my fears that I thought I just didn’t have enough courage to overcome. I am more appreciative of the many things and I have in my life. Lastly, I enjoyed myself and what luxuries I did have in the trip. I think BCM is something everyone should experience. You will find out more things about others and most importantly yourself.

    Jailyn Anderson
    August 17, 2008

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