Isaiah Teague

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    “My experience with BCM”
    My first experience with other known as BCM was worth going to. I enjoyed my time so much! I loved the strength I received to move forward, and the knowledge I got to improve my mentality. I will recommend BCM to any youth. I wouldn’t mind going again and again. BCM changed me to where I don’t want to give up as easily. When I was at BCM it was all about Team Work and working to together as one “Unity”. Even though there was a little situation that upset me, far as BCM policy where you can’t interact with other people. I still enjoyed every bit of it! The adult Facilitators Chris, Chance, Rico, Andrew, and Dane, couldn’t have made the trip more fun! Learned a lot from them and I’m sure they learned as well from youth!! The trip was very “Godly” as I like to say! No negativity, we stood up fro what we didn’t want. We were all ready! We all trusted each other. We shared. It’s like we was a big for 6 days! We got along great! We joked, laughed until we cried. We pulled little jokes on each other! Most importantly to me we all were just being “Men”. I believe each and one of individually took something special from this trip! The Louis, Chris, Julian, and Brent made the trip “The Trip” as well. I loved their company and ambition to get things done! We all were self motivated which is a great gift to have! We’re all Leaders! We all pushed each other and motivated each other! Everyone was always present; no one was ever left out! The food was not the best but it was a blast making it. All in all I enjoyed the BCM trip too much! I can’t wait to go again. Thank you for the opportunity Mrs. to go on this wonderful life experience trip! EOYDC ROCK!

    Isaiah Teague
    Aug. 30th 2010

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