Dominique Drakeford

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    The BCM Trip From Dominique’s Perspective
    This trip by far was a lot more challenging than the trip that I took about three years ago.  I believe, from what I remember, that there were a lot more hard routes on this trip.  Rock climbing to 10,000 feet was also a challenge, and I’m glad that we were forced to go although none of really wanted to.  That is an experience that I will also remember, that no one can ever take away from me.  I never thought that I would get up that high, especially when I was at the bottom looking up at the mountain.

    Although it was more challenging, I liked this trip a lot more.  I really enjoyed the I was interacting with, and it felt more like a than the last trip.  These BCM trips are most definitely bonding trips.  Both trips that I’ve been on helped me to bond with other girls.  With the first trip, I didn’t know any of the girls so we bonded and became close.  We learned about each others strengths and weaknesses.  In comparison to this trip, I knew pretty much everyone because we had worked together all summer, and so I just became a lot closer.  I got to know the individual people better, and see how different they act outside of work.  I really became closer to all of them, and I can honestly say they are my extended family.

    This trip also allowed to have more things, such as a bladder, a lighter, a mosquito net, and in my opinion, better food.  I also liked having the instructor Mark, instead of the three ladies that ran my trip.  We didn’t have to use the dishwashing method this time.  We were able to rinse our bowls out and throw that water out, which was a big relief.  Mark was an incredible leader.  He made the trip go a lot smoother, and he was very trustworthy.  We could go to him if we had any problems, and he just made us all feel very comfortable.  He knew exactly what he was doing, and we all felt comfortable around him, even though he was the only guy.  I also liked playing Mark’s games, which was something that I didn’t do on my previous trip.  Mafia was my favorite game, and I am going to teach how to play and play it at home.

    Because I am like a veteran at this trip, this allowed me to improve my skills, and learn from my past mistakes.  It allowed me to gain more strength and push myself harder because I knew I could do it like I’ve done it before.  I felt like my was to inspire my peers, and be the strong one in the group.  I was expected not to break down, and to motivate to keep up the good work, and I think that I did a very good job of doin

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