Christopher Webb

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    When I first heard about BCM I didn’t hear about anything. Everyone keeps telling me you’re going to have to find out for yourself. This made me want to go even more, because I a good challenge. When I woke up that morning I didn’t think it was real, because I had been waiting for so long. When I got to the place I still felt like it was a dream. When they showed what we were going to carry on our backs. I was like man oh man, what did I get myself into. It was great that we learned how to pack and see what goes were. This made me thing, like this isn’t too bad, I want to do this with my family. When we left BCM I was pumped and ready for whatever came. I feel that the trip was more of a mental trip than a physical, don’t get me wrong the physical was there, but I had to figure out things left and right, give my opinion ,listen to someone else’s opinion. I had to learn how to do that on this trip because I was so used to everyone following me. BCM taught me how to back up every one in a while, but still be the leader you can be. If I had to chance I would take not only my but other youth. This was a wonderful experience. Even after the trip I still feel like it’s a dream because it was so mind boggling. Now I feel like I can do ANYTHING! Thanks for continuing to change my life and show me new things and new people.

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