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    On August 6th, Ms. Regina, and four friends and I ventured out to the Sierra Mountains on our Big City Mountaineers (BCM) trip. We left around 9:00 AM to head off to the BCM offices. We all were nervous and anxious upon arrival. When we arrived I saw all our camping gear and it was then I knew I was up for the most adventures and an  eye opening experience in my life.

    On our trip we were graced to have great volunteers who were Lisa, Maria, and Alison and we also had a great leader named Mary. Throughout the whole trip Lisa, was there to play 20 questions with you, she was very funny also. the person who had a great attitude at all times even at 5 o¢clock in the morning when everyone else was sleepy and grumpy. She was also very helpful asset while walking up the mountains; she would be there to hold your hand while going up the mountain. Alison was the park ranger whose house we all craved to get to while driving to the mountains. Alison was the nicest person in the whole group. She opened up her house to even though we were strangers, and she was she was another positive sprit while being in the mountains. Mary, our leader was very nice  she was also very experienced at being in the mountains, She made me feel safe and that we were led the right way, she assured me that we were all doing the right thing to protect the environment.

    On the first day of the trip I was the pacer The pacer is the person who lead everyone to our destination. At first I was scared and didn¢t want to lead but Ms. Regina gave me words of wisdom, so I kept going. The first day was filled with mountains that were steep and and scary. There were beautiful lakes and meadows.

    On the course of the trip, I had a couple of favorite moments my first one was at Lady Lake while Taylor, Jamila, and I were walking around in the lake Taylor was walking over to the rock where Jamila was sitting. While Taylor was walking she didn’t know she was walking in mud so as she kept walking until her feet couldn’t come out the mud any more, so she tried to pick her feet up and she fell over in to the water. That was good laugh after a long day of hiking. Another funny part of out trip was when Jayilen insisted that Mr. Claude was on the top of the 10,000 foot summit and when we got there he would drive home, but when we arrived at the top of the summit he was no where to be found, so we all agreed that he was was back at the lake waiting for us that was the funniest thing on the trip other than Jayiln and I reciting movie quotes.

    On our last night we spent in a park in Groveland. The park had TV which we hadn’t seen in a whole week which seems like months. There was also a pool where stayed at we all enjoyed swimming in. after our last day of hiking. The pool was refreshing but I missed swimming in the lake. That night we were treated to barbeque food. We had ribs, chicken, beans, potato salad, and the vegetarians had veggie burgers.  The excellent food was complimented with wonderful conversation and our award ceremony. I was awarded Alpine All-star, even though I don¢t remember what the award was for but It was a very exciting and proud moment

    Being on BCM taught me to be grateful about my and everything in my life such as the roof over my head and the clothes on my back. I learned not to be such a selfish person person and care about others. I also learned to face my fears, when I didn’t think I could do something or thought something wasn’t possible. I want to thank Ms. Regina for taking me on this trip I helped me become a better person my family and I are truly grateful for you giving me this opportunity. Going on BCM as made me a greater person and I would be a great honor to go on another camping trip.

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