Bahiyyah Asante

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    Center has tremendously helped me to accomplish my goals. When I first stepped foot in EOYDC, I truly thought that I was too good for it. I came from Brooklyn, which is a much bigger city than Oakland, and I spoke differently from the other as well. I never thought I would get along with or share any of the same interests with them. However, as I got used to my environment more, I began to enjoy EOYDC.

    Back in I attended Middle High School. I had very bad luck in and outside of school. I continuously failed my classes and I didn’t get along with many of my peers. Not graduating on time was definitely not an option for me, so I left school seeking a Job Corps to enroll in. A relative from heard that I had dropped out of school. She was also the instructor at and had been teaching there for many years, so she knew all about the programs that were offered. No one wanted me to go to Job Corps, so instead I came all the way to California with the help of my aunt “Sistah” Linda. The next week I was enrolled in the GED class. I met up with the Job Developer, Ms. Jackie and the GED instructor Ms. Anana. Ms. Anana was a great teacher. She allowed me to review a lot of the things I missed out on in high school and I began to understand everything more clearly.

    Now that I have my diploma, I am even happier than I was before I came. Thanks to Sistah Linda, Ms. Anana, and the rest of EOYDC because I can now accomplish many more goals to come.

    Bahiyya Asante, GED Gradutate-2005

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