Anyoto Frentz

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    Oakland Center! has played a part in many ’s lives, from not only but also places farther away. all over the Bay Area bring their children to because there is a positive environment here. EOYDC has kept me out of so much trouble and helped me get through high school.

    They offer so much at EOYDC, from tutoring, working out, or just someone to talk to. ’s basketball games, tournaments, and open gym have kept me and many of my friends in a safe place instead of being on the streets, which where we were before we started going to EOYDC. The various things and responsibility that EOYDC teaches is a part of my development into the very respectful, working man that I am now. I just want to thank EOYDC for being there when I needed it, helping create a successful young brother, and keeping me on the right path so that I may become something in life.

    Currently, I am a 2005 graduate of Castlemont High School, assistant manager at Underground Station, and I will be a college student in the next month an a half. I to work with at a Juvenile Hall when I graduate.

    Anyoto Frentz

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