Anjenique Thomas

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    I didn’t complete high school because I got bored with the way things were being taught. I’m an independent learner, I had a kid and I got into a lot of confrontations with both teachers and students. School just seemed like it wasn’t for me. From the time I entered high school, I’ve always had issues with it.

    The teachers weren’t teaching the subjects that well, so I never got into the subject. They just made me want to do my homework or class work even less. A lot of my teachers gave out papers for the class to work on and didn’t interact. It made the classes boring to me. I learn better if I learn on my own. Things are much more clear without on my back repeating over and over again. If I like the subject, whatever I’m learning can be said once and I’ll remember it for a while. Honestly, my way of learning is by researching it on my own.

    I got into a lot confrontations with teachers because they didn’t like my way of doing my work or they just didn’t like me. I got into confrontations with because a lot of them like to talk about things that don’t concern them.

    The last reason why I didn’t finish high school is I have a child. It is hard going to school and raising a child. There’s no time for homework or anything else for that matter.

    helped me out a lot with getting my GED. I’m really appreciative of it because without them, I don’t know what I’d do.

    Anjanique Thomas
    2010 Graduate

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