Alea Thomas

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  • Dates: Alea Thomas
  • Time: 2011 GED Graduate

Dropping out of school was never in my plan; some things in life you just cannot control. After being forced to leave my mother’s house at sixteen, I moved with my father until I was about seventeen. Like I said, some things you just can’t control.

From my father’s I moved to Oakland. I was unable to enroll myself in school and for a whole year I was out of school. It wasn’t until I got pregnant with my son did I realize I have to get my life together. My first step to picking up the pieces of my life was to find a school what would fit my life schedule. I had called many schools such as the Uprising and the Youth Empowerment Program. I then came across EOYDC.

I attended the orientation in October 2010. I stayed on the waiting list until the end of February. The EOYDC understood my condition and I enrolled in the Wednesday class. They also paid half for me to take the exam. On the 26th of April I passed all my tests. Now I’m ready to move forward and go to college. I’m ready to pursue my career in becoming a registered nurse.

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