Adrianne Batiste

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    As I reflected on my experience with Oakland Center, I think of how blessed I am to have had this foundation to drive my path to success. The Summer Cultural Enrichment has benefited me in ways that I never thought possible. This program has exposed me to many cultural events and activities such as West African dance, nutrition and classes, art, music, and computer skills. Through these experiences, I have gained personal qualities that enable me to be open-minded to new people, activities, environments, or temperament of any situation, has enabled me to be successful in life.

    Currently, I am a sophomore at the University of San Francisco where I am majoring in global entrepreneurship and finance. In the future, I aspire to become a venture capitalist and have my own firm while still and always contributing to my community. As I embark on my academic endeavors, I thank Ms. Regina and the EOYDC for their and dedication to the and for investing their time to plant the seed for a beautiful future to blossom and prosper.

    Adrianne Batiste, Class of 2013

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