Adelina Campos

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    My name is Adelina Campos and I’m 18 years old. I’m going to tell you why I dropped out of high school and how Development Center helped me get my GED.

    For me high school was really hard and being sister of the soccer coach wasn’t easy. I felt like I was supposed to be someone I wasn’t. I felt I wasn’t good enough and I wasn’t the innocent little girl everyone expected me to be. I felt out of place and I thought school wasn’t for me.

    I dropped out my freshman year and it wasn’t my choice. I had some girls after me so I stood up to them and got suspended, so my dad didn’t let me go back. My dad sent me to Mexico for eight long months; they were horrible. After that, I came back and started going to school in West but it didn’t work for me. I was going down deeper and I decided to drop out again.

    After struggling in life, I heard about and I decided to give myself another chance. It was the best thing that I’ve ever done. I felt cared for at EOYDC and that’s what helped me work through it. Ms. Anana gave me the confidence I thought I didn’t have. She helped me throughout the whole process and she made it seem easy.

    I thank for the help it gave me. Without that help, I wouldn’t have gone through with it, so thank you very much.

    Adelina Campos

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