After School Leadership Academy

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  • Dates: Mon-Fri
  • Time: 3:00p.m - 6:00p.m
  • Notes: Starts at 2pm Wednesdays

The After School Leadership Academy (ASLA) provides in our community with a safe and productive space where they can find the resources they need to achieve academically, prepare for college, and receive the support and services needed to grow as responsible, active and caring citizens.

The ASLA provides a Homework Center where benefit from a quiet, supportive setting in which to reinforce skills and complete homework assignments. Students are further supported with qualified tutors who are accessible for both individual and group tutoring. Students also benefit from the numerous academic enrichment workshops, programming, and field trips designed to enhance their confidence, leadership and academic achievement. Furthermore ASLA provides students with access to the materials such as computers, internet, text books, calculators and other such resources that are necessary to achieve.The ASLA does not stop at preparing our to be the leaders of tomorrow, but empowers them to become leaders of today.


The ASLA mission is to promote academic and leadership among all students, inclusive of those who have been identified as being at risk of retention, and prepare them to become confident, proactive and knowledgeable citizens.

Why Should I Or My Child Enroll?

As a student in ASLA your child will have access to high quality educational services and programming as well as incredible opportunities to grow both personally and academically.

When you enroll your child in ASLA you are helping to ensure that they; succeed academically, develop a strong support network at an early age, experience people, places, and events outside their community and comfort zone, and develop a strong skill set focused on leadership that will prepare them for a successful future.


  • Assigned homework
  • Activities that promote mastery of expected grade level skills
  • Additional activities which promote enthusiasm about learning and encourage individual in their own talents
  • Field trips to places that encourage and the learning process
  • Qualified and caring tutors, instructors and staff
  • Learning supplies such as pencils, paper, books, calculators, backpacks, notebooks etc… (certain supplies are not guaranteed and provided only on a needed basis)
  • Computers and printing as well as computer literacy training


When arrive at EOYDC to attend ASLA they adhere to the following schedule (schedules adjust based on student arrival to the center from school):

3:00-3:15 – Put backpacks and coats away, eat snacks, and pull out homework

3:15-4:30 – Complete homework (This time depends on grade level assignment type, 30 minutes is the minimum time required for homework. are allowed to work past the allotted time if needed.)

4:30-6:00 – participate in learning workshops and enrichment activities.

Students at EOYDC'S Homework Center
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