• Posted on: May 4, 2013

Board of Directors

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Board Members

President and Foundation Liaison: Gerry Dove
Vice President: Terry Blanchard
Secretary: David Ellington
Treasurer: Lynn Levin
Member: Margot Roache-Green
Member: Adriann J. McCall
Member: Miranda Wilson
Member: David Jones
Member: Curshanda Woods
President & CEO:



The primary responsibility of this Board of Trustees is to increase the Foundation corpus through careful oversight of its investment and funding.

Foundation Trustees

President: Daniel Boggan Jr
Vice President: Lee Griffey
Treasurer: Paola Gonzales
Trustee: George Roeth
Trustee: Donald White
Trustee: Aaron Goodwin
Trustee: Susan Muranishi
Trustee: Jim Foley
Trustee: Enitan Adesanya
Trustee: Linda Crayton
Trustee: Bernida Reagan
Trustee: Walter Robinson
Trustee: Carlos Baltodano
Trustee: Stephanie Fleming, Leave of Absence
Board of Directors President and Foundation Liaison: Gerry Dove

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