Commitment and Community-Building on Behalf of Black Men and Boys

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The American Black man. The cornerstone from which this great nation was built. To this day, our triumphs are measured in his sweat, blind to his tears, and soaked in his blood. And yet, like always he still stands, dusting himself off and readying for the next challenge. Yes the spirit of the american black […]

Taking Risks to Transform | Regina Jackson | TEDxUCDavisSF

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  Regina Jackson takes us from Deep East Oakland in California to the Far East in China to understand the importance of taking risks and how doing so can support us all in becoming better versions of ourselves. Her proposed transformation process while applied to the youth perspective demonstrates global application. President and CEO Regina […]

Powerful Women of EOYDC VI

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Recently, I participated in and watched an incredible political campaign elevating a woman as the Democratic nominee for the Office of President of the United States (for the first time in history). While the electoral process was full of ups and downs and ultimately left me traumatized, I still believe in the exceptional capacity of […]

Powerful Women of EOYDC V

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We celebrate International Women’s Month. In particular we lift this week as Black Women’s Week. Our history of lifting and supporting each other is both gender specific and village in particular. It is through our cascading mentoring model that we share insight to our lives, our vulnerabilities, goals and dreams. We plot a path for […]

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