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    Public is the term used to describe artwork displayed in public places, usually murals or sculptures. The works are either commissioned or created by community oriented individuals who want to inform the community regarding, social issues, or just celebrating positiveness.

    Public has a long and glorious history beginning with cave and rock painting discovered in many parts of the world. They thrived in Egypt, in frescos in Italy and propaganda art during World War I and II. In contemporary times the Mexican muralists have carried the tradition forward.

    All public has similar goals:

    • It is installed in places where the public can view it… for free.

    • It must inform the community.

    • Be uplifting with a view towards a better

    • Endow the viewer with a spirit of awe.

    • Be inclusive not exclusive.

    • Generate respect for differences

    Our mural classes and workshops are conducted by experienced artists from our staff, and on occasions guest artists. The goals of the mural projects are to give the opportunity to learn all aspects of mural production, from the concept to the actual prep for the wall to putting the image on the wall.  In the process they learn about community issues, which in most instances encompass more than the immediate community issues.

    The outcomes:

    • Participants who are knowledgeable about their community.

    • Greater understanding of issues in the community.

    • Develop teamwork, commitment and discipline.

    • Learn and put into practice the Six Pillars of Character Development:
      1. Trustworthiness
      2. Respect
      3. Responsibility
      4. Fairness
      5. Caring
      6. Citizenship

    The goal of public is to inspire, enrich, inform, enliven, and educate its viewers. The following are your visual links to the public murals in and around the EOYDC:

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