• Posted on: July 1, 2011

Parent of Domine’ Ezechukwu

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I’d like to express my thanks and gratitude to EOYDC, specifically Ms. Regina for choosing and allowing my daughter Domine’ Ezechukwu the opportunity to go on the New York college tour. This experience has proved to be invaluable to my child. She was exposed to several colleges of which she is interested in attending. She was also able to meet with EOYDC alumni’s and various other pillars of the African American Society. I am grateful on so many levels, one being the exposure and of course on the financial level. This opportunity enabled my child to attend without me having to try to find and come up with funds for her to do so. I truly appreciate this. My child was also able to join the group on their D.C. tour. Again the exposure and of course the company is/was invaluable. I’ve heard the question asked “what good can come out of East Oakland?” Well my answer to that is “a whole lot of good can and has come out of East Oakland through the East Oakland Youth Development Center.

Thank you EOYDC and Ms. Regina for being such a positive influence in my child’s life

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