• Posted on: June 24, 2011

Hilda Garcia & Martin Maldonado

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Thanks to the great work that does our daughter has been able to achieve several things that wouldn’t have been possible without the help of Ms. and EOYDC. They gave her the great opportunity to go on the White House Tour 2010.

This tour helped our daughter out in several ways. It gave her the chance to travel to the capital, go sights seeing, meet important people, and get to learn knew things that have and will continue to come in handy throughout her life. Thanks to this tour our daughter was able to experience how is going to be like being away from and home. She got a taste of how life will be like and how she is going to have to be very independent and responsible. When our daughter came back from the trip she was very happy that she had gone, she told us all about how life changing it had been and how she hopes to one day be able to go back and give us a tour.

This tour plus other help from has helped our daughter out a lot. It helped her chose what university she wants to go to and what she wants to major in. We can’t explain how thankful we are for all the help that EOYDC has given our daughter. We hope that their great work continues and that they are able to keep making such a great impact in youths life’s like they have in our daughters.

-Hilda Garcia and Martin Maldonado


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