• Posted on: June 1, 2011

Dan Gardner

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To all parties concerned,
It is with sincere and deepest gratitude that I write this response, in regards to the New York excursion my daughter, Mariah Gardner participated in through the East Development Center.

The surreal experience has enriched Mariah’s outlook on the possibilities of her future. The trip to the United Nations has broadened her understanding of the diplomatic relations between nations and regions and the underpinnings that stabilizes events of unrest around the world. The Malcolm X and Betty Shabazz memorial tour has enlightened Mariah of the various struggles endured during the era.

Paramount to all of the events on the itinerary was Mariah’s opportunity to address the non-profit class at NYU. Mariah informed me of her ability to engage the audience in her oratory on how the opportunities provided by has enriched her life. I have noticed a greater conscientiousness in Mariah to appreciate the provisions in her life, the goals she has set for herself and after the dreams she aspires.

I would like to thank and the for their vision and diligence for development.

Best Regards,

Dan Gardner
Manager Circuit Provisioning
AT&T Network Services, Inc

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