The Honorable Barbara Lee, Member of Congress 9th District California, “I have known Regina professionally and socially for many years and have seen her grow into one of our community’s outstanding leaders.  I have known her to be a person of integrity and of good moral character….Under Regina’s leadership, the Center has become a national model for from the nation’s capital to the East Oakland religious community.  During her tenure, the Center has drawn increased public and private support and has attracted recognition both for its organizational excellence and for the outstanding achievements of its students.”

Daniel Boggan Jr. former Senior Vice President, National Collegiate Athletic Association and President of the East Oakland Youth Development Foundation, says of Jackson, “Regina walks on water. The impact of Jackson is best illustrated by the cornerstone she has made for the Center and for the it serves…her outreach is extensive. She works with churches, employers, and schools, and brings support from the Oakland and San Francisco communities. The area served by EOYDC is one of the toughest in Oakland. Regina has created a sense of purpose that energizes all those who come in contact with her. If she could be cloned, the problems of East Oakland would be under constant attack. Her legacy will be creating a Center that is a haven, a classroom, a facility and a place where the human possibilities for all those involved in the Center are enhanced and elevated to a higher level.”

Ellen Wakeley, Law Offices of Ellen Wakeley and President EOYDC Board of Directors. “Regina is an untiring source of energy, motivation and inspiration for all those involved with EOYDC. She inspires young to be all that they can be through her example and encouragement. She motivates staff to strive for excellence in providing consistently outstanding programs for youth. She energizes the Board Of Directors to provide the support, resources and funding to the Center. Regina always gives 110% to every effort. We are fortunate to have her as our Executive Director.”

Soraya M. Wright, Director of Corporate Risk Management, The Company, says of Jackson, “Regina brings the ability and energy to keep the Center on track. Jackson’s strategy for a Million Dollar Matching Campaign in 2001 was successfully matched by The Clorox Company and the Center has again launched a second campaign (Capital Campaign) which ends December 2004. She is focused and clearly understands EOYDC’s mission of empowering youth. Her ability and energy will get us where we want to go and beyond. We are fortunate to have her as Executive Director.”

In September of 2010 Regina Jackson was featured in Shawn Anderson’s book, Extra Mile America: Stories of Inspiration, Possibility and Purpose. A passage was dedicated to her for her commitment to excellence in changing lives through leadership of the East Oakland Center (EOYDC, The Foreword is written by Kevin Johnson, Mayor and Former NBA All Star. Other notables include: Dr. Madye Henson of Greater DC Cares (DC); Aisha Desince of Khadarlis for Sierra Leone (RI); and Doug Sudell of Hands on Hartford (CT).