Our Board

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    Board Members (From Left to Right)

    President &CEO: Jackson
    Vice President: Terry Blanchard
    Secretary: David Ellington (far right)
    Treasurer: Lynn Levin
    Member: Margot Roache-Green
    Member: Adriann J. McCall
    Member: Andrea Lowe
    Member: Miranda Wilson
    Member: Ken Price
    Foundation-Liaison: Gerry Dove (Seated)

    Board members missing from picture: Miranda Wilson, Dr.Michael Hebrard and Ellen Wakeley Esq.


    The primary responsibility of this Board of Trustees is to increase the Foundation corpus through careful oversight of its investment and funding.

    Foundation Trustees

    President: Daniel Boggan Jr
    Vice President: Lee Griffey
    Treasurer: Paola Gonzales
    Secretary:  Jackson
    Trustee: George Roeth
    Trustee: Larry Jackson
    Trustee: Stephanie Fleming
    Trustee: Donald White
    Trustee: Aaron Goodwin
    Trustee: Susan Muranishi
    Trustee: Jim Foley
    Trustee: Enitan Adesanya
    Trustee: Linda Crayton
    Foundation Liason: is Gerry Dove

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