[Think China 2014] Day 12 | Shopping, Shanghai, and the Post Office

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July 18, 2014 Authors: Clayton Crowell, and Lionel Gowans “Leaving our home in Hangzhou was very sad but we appreciated morning goodbyes and gifts from our hosts,” said Shakir as we left to go to Shanghai. We departed early in the morning and drove a three and a half hours before we reached Shanghai. “The […]

[Think China 2014] Day 11 | It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye… to Our Friends in Hangzhou

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July 17, 2014 Authors: Jackson Davis, Joshua Atkins, and Joshua Lee I love being around people. I love visiting new places, traveling abroad and learning new cultures. I cant wait to take my children to China one day! Today was very fun. We didn’t go anywhere today but we had lots of work to do. […]

[Think China 2014] Day 10 | Do You Know Your PV’s and Q’s?

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July 16, 2014 Authors: Lionel Gowans, Joshua Lee, and James Alexander As part of our continued education in the science sphere, we took an hour drive to Wanxiang PV Lab. Wanxiang Group is one of the premier sponsors of this academic and cultural exchange. Upon entering our meeting room (which was like a small museum) […]

[Think China 2014] Day 9 | The Power of Energy

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July 15, 2014 Authors: Rodney Horne, James Alexander, and Destin Colbert   Today contained one of the most thought provoking engagements between mentor and mentee. We were asked to distinguish ourselves relative to if we were playing it safe, playing to win, just playing, and not playing at all. It provoked so much tension between some of […]

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